2024 Ohio Dance Convention


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2024 Ohio State Dance Convention Schedule

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Callers: if you see (MC) next to your name, for that hour you're the master of ceremonies. You'll be in that location for an hour.

1005/10/2024Friday11:00 AM11:10 AMKenny Campbell (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
2005/10/2024Friday11:10 AM11:20 AMTravis CookPlusThe Jazz Club
3005/10/2024Friday11:20 AM11:30 AMJason RaleighPlusThe Jazz Club
4005/10/2024Friday11:30 AM11:40 AMRich JohnsonRoundsThe Jazz Club
5005/10/2024Friday11:40 AM11:50 AMJim DavisPlusThe Jazz Club
6005/10/2024Friday11:50 AM12:00 PMMike GormleyPlusThe Jazz Club
7005/10/2024Friday12:00 PM12:10 PMAmanda Skidmore (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
8005/10/2024Friday12:10 PM12:20 PMTom DavisPlusThe Jazz Club
9005/10/2024Friday12:20 PM12:30 PMDave HeffronPlusThe Jazz Club
10005/10/2024Friday12:30 PM12:40 PMGlen SingleonRoundsThe Jazz Club
11005/10/2024Friday12:40 PM12:50 PMEd LaudenschlagerPlusThe Jazz Club
12005/10/2024Friday12:50 PM1:00 PMJarret WilhoitPlusThe Jazz Club
13005/10/2024Friday1:00 PM1:10 PMPhillip PeakPlusThe Jazz Club
14005/10/2024Friday1:00 PM1:15 PMJohn RamseyMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
15005/10/2024Friday1:00 PM1:15 PMKevin BersingA2Harry’s Hideaway
16005/10/2024Friday1:10 PM1:20 PMBen PurkettPlusThe Jazz Club
17005/10/2024Friday1:15 PM1:30 PMEddie PowellMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
18005/10/2024Friday1:15 PM1:30 PMKenny CampbellA2Harry’s Hideaway
19005/10/2024Friday1:20 PM1:30 PMMike JohnsonPlusThe Jazz Club
20005/10/2024Friday1:30 PM1:40 PMLarry LimPlusThe Jazz Club
21005/10/2024Friday1:30 PM1:45 PMPhillip PeakMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
22005/10/2024Friday1:30 PM1:45 PMTravis CookA2Harry’s Hideaway
23005/10/2024Friday1:40 PM1:50 PMRoundsRoundsThe Jazz Club
24005/10/2024Friday1:45 PM2:00 PMBarb BennettLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
25005/10/2024Friday1:45 PM2:00 PMTom DavisA2Harry’s Hideaway
26005/10/2024Friday1:50 PM2:00 PMSteve AveryPlusThe Jazz Club
27005/10/2024Friday2:00 PM2:10 PMBarbara MacDonald (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
28005/10/2024Friday2:00 PM2:15 PMMarianne JacksonMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
29005/10/2024Friday2:00 PM2:15 PMDave HeffronA2Harry’s Hideaway
30005/10/2024Friday2:10 PM2:20 PMMike JohnsonPlusThe Jazz Club
31005/10/2024Friday2:15 PM2:30 PMLarry LimMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
32005/10/2024Friday2:15 PM2:30 PMJason RaleighA2Harry’s Hideaway
33005/10/2024Friday2:20 PM2:30 PMNeil HarnarPlusThe Jazz Club
34005/10/2024Friday2:30 PM2:40 PMRich JohnsonRoundsThe Jazz Club
35005/10/2024Friday2:30 PM2:45 PMMike GormleyMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
36005/10/2024Friday2:30 PM2:45 PMJohn RamseyA2Harry’s Hideaway
37005/10/2024Friday2:40 PM2:50 PMGary HicksPlusThe Jazz Club
38005/10/2024Friday2:45 PM3:00 PMBarb BennettLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
39005/10/2024Friday2:45 PM3:00 PMAmanda SkidmoreA2Harry’s Hideaway
40005/10/2024Friday2:50 PM3:00 PMDiane HicksPlusThe Jazz Club
41005/10/2024Friday3:00 PM3:10 PMEddie Powell (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
42005/10/2024Friday3:00 PM3:15 PMJim DavisMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
43005/10/2024Friday3:00 PM3:15 PMHoward WilliamsonA2Harry’s Hideaway
44005/10/2024Friday3:10 PM3:20 PMPhillip PeakPlusThe Jazz Club
45005/10/2024Friday3:15 PM3:30 PMKevin BersingMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
46005/10/2024Friday3:15 PM3:30 PMChuck WoodsA2Harry’s Hideaway
47005/10/2024Friday3:20 PM3:30 PMGeorge FergusonPlusThe Jazz Club
48005/10/2024Friday3:30 PM3:40 PMGlen SingletonRoundsThe Jazz Club
49005/10/2024Friday3:30 PM3:45 PMDave StuthardMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
50005/10/2024Friday3:30 PM3:45 PMDave HeffronC1Harry’s Hideaway
51005/10/2024Friday3:40 PM3:50 PMBill GarrisonPlusThe Jazz Club
52005/10/2024Friday3:45 PM4:00 PMKati RaleighLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
53005/10/2024Friday3:45 PM4:00 PMTravis CookC1Harry’s Hideaway
54005/10/2024Friday3:50 PM4:00 PMElaine MikenasPlusThe Jazz Club
55005/10/2024Friday4:00 PM4:10 PMChuck Woods (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
56005/10/2024Friday4:00 PM4:15 PMKristy WoodsMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
57005/10/2024Friday4:00 PM4:15 PMKevin BersingA2Harry’s Hideaway
58005/10/2024Friday4:10 PM4:20 PMBarbara MacDonaldPlusThe Jazz Club
59005/10/2024Friday4:15 PM4:30 PMJason RaleighMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
60005/10/2024Friday4:15 PM4:30 PMKenny CampbellA2Harry’s Hideaway
61005/10/2024Friday4:20 PM4:30 PMEd ViethPlusThe Jazz Club
62005/10/2024Friday4:30 PM4:40 PMRuss BoozRoundsThe Jazz Club
63005/10/2024Friday4:30 PM4:45 PMDave HeffronMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
64005/10/2024Friday4:30 PM4:45 PMTravis CookA2Harry’s Hideaway
65005/10/2024Friday4:40 PM4:50 PMCindy WarnerPlusThe Jazz Club
66005/10/2024Friday4:45 PM5:00 PMHoward WilliamsonMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
67005/10/2024Friday4:45 PM5:00 PMTom DavisA2Harry’s Hideaway
68005/10/2024Friday4:50 PM5:00 PMLarry LimPlusThe Jazz Club
69005/10/2024Friday7:30 PM7:40 PMDave Stuthard (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
70005/10/2024Friday7:30 PM7:45 PMMike JohnsonMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
71005/10/2024Friday7:30 PM7:45 PMJason RaleighDBDHarry’s Hideaway
71505/10/2024Friday7:30 PM8:00 PMEd LaudenschlagerMobility Challenged DancingRoxy’s Dance Studio
72005/10/2024Friday7:40 PM7:50 PMKevin BersingPlusThe Jazz Club
73005/10/2024Friday7:45 PM8:00 PMNeil HarnarMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
74005/10/2024Friday7:45 PM8:00 PMJim DavisDBDHarry’s Hideaway
75005/10/2024Friday7:50 PM8:00 PMPam RileyPlusThe Jazz Club
76005/10/2024Friday8:00 PM8:10 PMTravis Cook (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
77005/10/2024Friday8:00 PM8:15 PMDave SmithMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
78005/10/2024Friday8:00 PM8:15 PMDave HeffronA2Harry’s Hideaway
78505/10/2024Friday8:00 PM8:30 PMTom DavisMobility Challenged DancingRoxy’s Dance Studio
79005/10/2024Friday8:10 PM8:20 PMKenny CampbellPlusThe Jazz Club
80005/10/2024Friday8:15 PM8:30 PMBarb BennettLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
81005/10/2024Friday8:15 PM8:30 PMJason RaleighA2Harry’s Hideaway
82005/10/2024Friday8:20 PM8:30 PMSteve AveryPlusThe Jazz Club
83005/10/2024Friday8:30 PM8:40 PMEd LaudenschlagerPlusThe Jazz Club
84005/10/2024Friday8:30 PM8:45 PMGary HicksMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
85005/10/2024Friday8:30 PM8:45 PMJohn RamseyA2Harry’s Hideaway
86005/10/2024Friday8:40 PM8:50 PMRich JohnsonPlusThe Jazz Club
87005/10/2024Friday8:45 PM9:00 PMDiane HicksMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
88005/10/2024Friday8:45 PM9:00 PMAmanda SkidmoreA2Harry’s Hideaway
89005/10/2024Friday8:50 PM9:00 PMBen PurkettPlusThe Jazz Club
90005/10/2024Friday9:00 PM9:10 PMJason Raleigh (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
91005/10/2024Friday9:00 PM9:15 PMVelma DoyleMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
92005/10/2024Friday9:00 PM9:15 PMTom DavisC1Harry’s Hideaway
93005/10/2024Friday9:10 PM9:20 PMJohn RamseyPlusThe Jazz Club
94005/10/2024Friday9:15 PM9:30 PMKati RaleighLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
95005/10/2024Friday9:15 PM9:30 PMDave HeffronC1Harry’s Hideaway
96005/10/2024Friday9:20 PM9:30 PMMark JohnsonPlusThe Jazz Club
97005/10/2024Friday9:30 PM9:40 PMMark JohnsonPlusThe Jazz Club
98005/10/2024Friday9:30 PM9:45 PMGeorge FergusonMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
99005/10/2024Friday9:30 PM9:45 PMHoward WilliamsonA2Harry’s Hideaway
100005/10/2024Friday9:40 PM9:50 PMKristy WoodsPlusThe Jazz Club
101005/10/2024Friday9:45 PM10:00 PMBill GarrisonMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
102005/10/2024Friday9:45 PM10:00 PMChuck WoodsA2Harry’s Hideaway
103005/10/2024Friday9:50 PM10:00 PMJarret WilhoitPlusThe Jazz Club
104005/10/2024Friday10:00 PM11:00 PMAFTER PARTY, Travis Cook, Jason Raleigh, Kristy Woods, Chuck WoodsAFTER PARTY: Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation — MainstreamThe Jazz Club
105005/11/2024Saturday9:00 AM10:00 AMTom DavisConducting Workshops and Intro Sessions at FestivalsRoxy’s Dance Studio
106005/11/2024Saturday10:00 AM10:30 AMJason RaleighPlus Workshop with Intro to AdvancedThe Jazz Club
107005/11/2024Saturday10:00 AM11:00 AMJim DavisMainstream Workshop with Intro to PlusMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
108005/11/2024Saturday10:00 AM11:00 AMTravis CookThe Language of Calling and Module BasicsRoxy’s Dance Studio
109005/11/2024Saturday10:00 AM11:00 AMHoward Williamson, Amanda SkidmoreExperienced Plus DBD WorkshopHarry’s Hideaway
110005/11/2024Saturday10:30 AM11:00 AMDave HeffronPlus Workshop with Intro to DBDThe Jazz Club
111005/11/2024Saturday11:00 AM11:30 AMDave StuthardPlus Workshop – CrossfireThe Jazz Club
112005/11/2024Saturday11:00 AM11:30 AMKevin BersingMainstream Workshop Spin The Top / RecycleMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
113005/11/2024Saturday11:00 AM12:00 PMBarb BennettLine Dance TeachesRoxy’s Dance Studio
114005/11/2024Saturday11:00 AM12:00 PMTom Davis, Travis CookA2 Workshop with Intro to C1Harry’s Hideaway
115005/11/2024Saturday11:30 AM12:00 PMEddie PowellPlus Workshop – Peel Off / Peel the TopThe Jazz Club
116005/11/2024Saturday11:30 AM12:00 PMKevin BersingMainstream Workshop Dixie Style / Tag FamilyMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
117005/11/2024Saturday12:00 PM12:10 PMKristy Woods (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
118005/11/2024Saturday12:00 PM12:15 PMLarry LimMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
119005/11/2024Saturday12:00 PM1:00 PMDave Smith, Marianne Jackson, Velma DoyleTraditional Square Dancing and Old Call TeachesRoxy’s Dance Studio
120005/11/2024Saturday12:00 PM12:15 PMDave HeffronA2Harry’s Hideaway
121005/11/2024Saturday12:10 PM12:20 PMBen PurkettPlusThe Jazz Club
122005/11/2024Saturday12:15 PM12:30 PMChuck WoodsMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
123005/11/2024Saturday12:15 PM12:30 PMJason RaleighA2Harry’s Hideaway
124005/11/2024Saturday12:20 PM12:30 PMHoward WilliamsonPlusThe Jazz Club
125005/11/2024Saturday12:30 PM12:40 PMRich JohnsonRoundsThe Jazz Club
126005/11/2024Saturday12:30 PM12:45 PMRuss BoozMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
127005/11/2024Saturday12:30 PM12:45 PMJohn RamseyA2Harry’s Hideaway
128005/11/2024Saturday12:40 PM12:50 PMSteve AveryPlusThe Jazz Club
129005/11/2024Saturday12:45 PM1:00 PMTravis CookMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
130005/11/2024Saturday12:45 PM1:00 PMAmanda SkidmoreA2Harry’s Hideaway
131005/11/2024Saturday12:50 PM1:00 PMRex ParkerPlusThe Jazz Club
132005/11/2024Saturday1:00 PM1:30 PMKati RaleighLine Dance TeachesRoxy’s Dance Studio
133005/11/2024Saturday1:00 PM2:00 PMDave StuthardProgressive Squares (with teach)The Jazz Club
134005/11/2024Saturday1:00 PM1:15 PMEd ViethMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
135005/11/2024Saturday1:00 PM1:15 PMTom DavisC1Harry’s Hideaway
136005/11/2024Saturday1:15 PM1:30 PMKristy WoodsMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
137005/11/2024Saturday1:15 PM1:30 PMDave HeffronC1Harry’s Hideaway
138005/11/2024Saturday1:30 PM1:45 PMAmanda SkidmoreMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
139005/11/2024Saturday1:30 PM2:30 PMEd LaudenschlagerMobility Challenged DancingRoxy’s Dance Studio
140005/11/2024Saturday1:30 PM1:45 PMKevin BersingDBDHarry’s Hideaway
141005/11/2024Saturday1:45 PM2:00 PMMarianne JacksonMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
142005/11/2024Saturday1:45 PM2:00 PMMike JohnsonDBDHarry’s Hideaway
143005/11/2024Saturday2:00 PM2:10 PMKevin Bersing (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
144005/11/2024Saturday2:00 PM3:00 PMBarb BennettCouples Dancing with TeachesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
145005/11/2024Saturday2:00 PM2:15 PMHoward WilliamsonA2Harry’s Hideaway
146005/11/2024Saturday2:10 PM2:20 PMMike JohnsonPlusThe Jazz Club
147005/11/2024Saturday2:15 PM2:30 PMTom DavisA2Harry’s Hideaway
148005/11/2024Saturday2:20 PM2:30 PMNeil HarnarPlusThe Jazz Club
149005/11/2024Saturday2:30 PM2:40 PMPam RileyRoundsThe Jazz Club
150005/11/2024Saturday2:30 PM2:45 PMKenny CampbellA2Harry’s Hideaway
151005/11/2024Saturday2:30 PM3:30 PMEd Vieth, Dave Smith, Marianne JacksonEasy Contra (with teach)Roxy’s Dance Studio
152005/11/2024Saturday2:40 PM2:50 PMPhillip PeakPlusThe Jazz Club
153005/11/2024Saturday2:45 PM3:00 PMJason RaleighA2Harry’s Hideaway
154005/11/2024Saturday2:50 PM3:00 PMGeorge FergusonPlusThe Jazz Club
155005/11/2024Saturday3:00 PM4:00 PMTom DavisHexagon Squares (with teach)The Jazz Club
156005/11/2024Saturday3:00 PM3:15 PMDave Heffron (MC), New CallerMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
157005/11/2024Saturday3:00 PM3:15 PMTravis CookA2Harry’s Hideaway
158005/11/2024Saturday3:15 PM3:30 PMChuck WoodsA2Harry’s Hideaway
159005/11/2024Saturday3:15 PM3:30 PMNew CallerMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
160005/11/2024Saturday3:30 PM3:45 PMNew CallerMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
161005/11/2024Saturday3:30 PM3:45 PMAmanda SkidmoreA2Harry’s Hideaway
162005/11/2024Saturday3:30 PM4:00 PMBarb BennettLine Dance TeachesRoxy’s Dance Studio
163005/11/2024Saturday3:45 PM4:00 PMKenny CampbellA2Harry’s Hideaway
164005/11/2024Saturday3:45 PM4:00 PMNew CallerMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
165005/11/2024Saturday4:00 PM4:10 PMJohn Ramsey (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
166005/11/2024Saturday4:00 PM5:00 PMTravis Cook, Tom Davis, Dave HeffronC1 Dancing with C2 Star TipsRoxy’s Dance Studio
167005/11/2024Saturday4:00 PM4:15 PMVelma DoyleMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
168005/11/2024Saturday4:10 PM4:20 PMBill GarrisonPlusThe Jazz Club
169005/11/2024Saturday4:15 PM4:30 PMKati RaleighMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
170005/11/2024Saturday4:20 PM4:30 PMBarbara MacDonaldPlusThe Jazz Club
171005/11/2024Saturday4:30 PM4:40 PMLinda WarrenRoundsThe Jazz Club
172005/11/2024Saturday4:30 PM4:45 PMMark GivensMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
173005/11/2024Saturday4:40 PM4:50 PMEd ViethPlusThe Jazz Club
174005/11/2024Saturday4:45 PM5:00 PMRex ParkerMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
175005/11/2024Saturday4:50 PM5:00 PMGary HicksPlusThe Jazz Club
176005/11/2024Saturday8:00 PM8:10 PMTom Davis (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
177005/11/2024Saturday8:00 PM8:10 PMMark GivensMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
178005/11/2024Saturday8:00 PM9:00 PMEd LaudenschlagerMobility Challenged DancingRoxy’s Dance Studio
179005/11/2024Saturday8:00 PM8:15 PMDave StuthardDBDHarry’s Hideaway
180005/11/2024Saturday8:10 PM8:20 PMSteve AveryPlusThe Jazz Club
181005/11/2024Saturday8:10 PM8:20 PMCindy WarnerMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
182005/11/2024Saturday8:15 PM8:30 PMDave HeffronA2Harry’s Hideaway
183005/11/2024Saturday8:20 PM8:30 PMAmanda SkidmorePlusThe Jazz Club
184005/11/2024Saturday8:20 PM8:30 PMBarb BennettLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
185005/11/2024Saturday8:30 PM8:45 PMJohn RamseyA2Harry’s Hideaway
186005/11/2024Saturday8:30 PM8:40 PMShirley HeinyRoundsThe Jazz Club
187005/11/2024Saturday8:30 PM8:40 PMGary HicksMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
188005/11/2024Saturday8:40 PM8:50 PMRex ParkerPlusThe Jazz Club
189005/11/2024Saturday8:40 PM8:50 PMDiane HicksMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
190005/11/2024Saturday8:45 PM9:00 PMHoward WilliamsonA2Harry’s Hideaway
191005/11/2024Saturday8:50 PM9:00 PMJim DavisPlusThe Jazz Club
192005/11/2024Saturday8:50 PM9:00 PMKati RaleighLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
193005/11/2024Saturday9:00 PM9:10 PMDave Heffron (MC)PlusThe Jazz Club
194005/11/2024Saturday9:00 PM9:10 PMBarbara MacDonaldMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
195005/11/2024Saturday9:00 PM10:00 PMEd ViethEasy Contra (with teach)Roxy’s Dance Studio
196005/11/2024Saturday9:00 PM9:15 PMTravis CookC1Harry’s Hideaway
197005/11/2024Saturday9:10 PM9:20 PMEddie PowellPlusThe Jazz Club
198005/11/2024Saturday9:10 PM9:20 PMDave StuthardMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
199005/11/2024Saturday9:15 PM9:30 PMTom DavisA2Harry’s Hideaway
200005/11/2024Saturday9:20 PM9:30 PMChuck WoodsPlusThe Jazz Club
201005/11/2024Saturday9:20 PM9:30 PMBarb BennettLinesMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
202005/11/2024Saturday9:30 PM9:40 PMGlen SingletonRoundsThe Jazz Club
203005/11/2024Saturday9:30 PM9:40 PMBen PurkettMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
204005/11/2024Saturday9:30 PM9:45 PMKevin BersingA2Harry’s Hideaway
205005/11/2024Saturday9:40 PM9:50 PMHoward WilliamsonPlusThe Jazz Club
206005/11/2024Saturday9:40 PM9:50 PMJarret WilhoitMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
207005/11/2024Saturday9:45 PM10:00 PMJason RaleighA2Harry’s Hideaway
208005/11/2024Saturday9:50 PM10:00 PMMike GormleyPlusThe Jazz Club
209005/11/2024Saturday9:50 PM10:00 PMElaine MikenasMainstreamMiss Mabel’s Tea Parlor
210005/11/2024Saturday10:00 PM11:00 PMAFTER PARTY, Tom Davis (MC)AFTER PARTY: Miami Valley Dance Council — MainstreamThe Jazz Club

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